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Translucent Head Up Display (HUD) Reflective Film / Screen – 120mm by 90mm


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    1x Translucent Head Up Display (HUD) Reflective Film/Screen – 120mm by 90mm

    Size: 120mm by 90mm

    • Car HUD reflective film provides the best display resolution and pixels per inch (ppi) to best reflect the projection of speedometer, tachometer, or navigation from your HUD unit or your smartphone.
    • This HUD film will work well anytime throughout the day, whether it be day or night.
    • The HUD film is transparent so it doesn’t affect your vision when driving.
    • Easy to use: The HUD reflective film will only take a few minutes of your time. Please be sure to clean the inside of your windshield thoroughly before installation to ensure maximum adhesion.

    How to install:

    • Find the right position where the reflective film will be attached and clean the inside of the windshield.
    • Remove the protective film and attach the reflective film to the inside of the windshield.
    • Avoid leaving wrinkles, bubbles and fingerprints.
    • As the protective film has no adhesive it can be easy and cleanly removed.

    Why not buy two if you swap your device between cars?


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