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Searching for quality products and all we could find was over priced brand name products or cheap and nasty eBay and Amazon products.

Almost all the products on this and our partner sites we have had positive experiences with.

There had to be a better way; and there is, we have sourced products direct from the manufacturer which means we can offer a much lower price than the brand names and even our competitor’s. We could take a fat cat margin as many do but would rather take a small cut to offer very competitive pricing.

We are a very small growing family business so I hope you will support this site and out sister sites Awesome Socks!, EggzellentBattery ScholarWatch Strap WarehouseRick’s Bicycle Market and Headphone Ear Pads.

From us, thank you so much.

Please do contact us if you have any questions, queries or problems.

Kind regards

Rick and Kerrie.